This may be a 10-12 page paper.APA15-20 sourcesPlease review this link:…Sections of your Final Project Proposal1. Introductiona. What is the “problem”b. Rationale: why is it important for your audience to knowc. Make clear “statement of problem”, or phrase as a questiond. State the intended format: (eg: this will be a policy memorandum)2. Background/contexta. What is the history of the problemb. Who/what are the main players/confounding issues3. Literature Reviewa. What have others argued/researched on your topic?b. Categorize clusters of studies that corroborate similar themes4. Methodologya. Restate your problem/question (eg: The purpose of this study is to…..)b. Restate your intended format/approach to your studyc. Explain how you will carry out your studyi. Describe where and how you will collect data/evidenceii. Explain how you will analyze the data/evidence5. Use of Human Subjectsa. Indicate if you will use human subjects (and if so, include appropriate IRB application)6. Culminating Experiencea. Briefly explain how this project represents a culminating of your academic program, and how it connects to your current or future professional work.7. Timelinea. Chart a timeline of activities for your last semester of work on your final project (this usually involves data collection, data analysis and final write-up)8. Bibliography ..

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This may be a 10-12 page paper.APA15-20 sourcesPlease revie
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