This is a 6-page researched argumentative essay which 1) utilizes at least 5 concepts from pages 19-209 of They Say, I Say and 2) also includes a clear demonstration of one or more concepts from this external websiteWrite a paper arguing a currently controversial subject that won’t make my head explode. Anything in oraround the topics in our book is fine. Most topics are fine.That said, I know enough about the following things (& I know how prevalent poor evidence is for them), that I would recommend against writing on the topics of atheism, gun control, or abortion. Even if I entirely agree with your position, I will probably hate your argument.Use the logic handout. Use all the advice on writing in They Say, I Say. Use what you learn from analyzing and discussing the readings in class. All of your assigned papers are designed to show me what you’ve learned from the texts and in class. If they don’t demonstrate that (or if they demonstrate you’re not learning much), they won’t pass.My suggestions for a successful paper (not required, but if you don’t have a better idea, this should work)…1. Start with a hook: a quote, surprising statistic, moving anecdote or something similar and ontopic that grabs the reader’s attention. In the same paragraph or the next, provide some general context, a thesis statement, and a plan of development (where you briefly outline your argument).2. In the body of the paper, make smaller assertions that support your larger assertion, and provide evidence in the form of specific facts, statistics, expert opinion and examples from reputable sources to support those assertions. Use reasoning/logic to help the reader connect evidence to arguments. Consider beginning the body of the paper with some recent history on the issue, and moving towards what you think should be done.3. Use transitions to help the reader understand how one sub-argument connects to another and how they all support the main argument.4. will get it few hours before your set deadline. Fill in all the assignment paper details that are required in the order form with the standard information being the page count, deadline, academic level and type of paper. It is advisable to have this information at hand so that you can quickly fill in the necessary information needed in the form for the essay writer to be immediately assigned to your writing project. Make payment for the custom essay order to enable us to assign a suitable writer to your order. Payments are made through Paypal on a secured billing page. Finally, sit back and relax..

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This is a 6-page researched argumentative essay which 1) ut
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