The topic in brief:Attained Knowledge Impact my Nursing PracticeType of ServicecourseworkUrgency 2 to 3 hoursNo. of Pages/Wordcount 1 pageCitation Style APA StyleDetailed Description/ExplanationApply the theories and principles studied in this course to realistic nursing issues, using evidence to support creative decision making. Issues were identified, gaps were described, problems were analyzed, and solutions proposed that simulated the types of decisions that advanced nurse leaders will need to make in actual nursing venues. Describe how the knowledge and skills that you have attained in this course will impact your nursing practice. PLEASE USE REFERENCES WITHIN FIVE(5) YEARS; APA FORMAT AND MAKE SURE DISCUSSION IS ORIGINAL, THANKS””””””””’””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ..

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The topic in brief:Attained Knowledge Impact my Nursing Pract
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