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During anaerobic respiration, some bacteria are capable of using a reduced nutrient as an electron source and an oxidized nutrient as a TEA. Which of the following nutrients could serve as both a TEA and an electron source if used in different species of bacteria? Select one: . a. Elemental sulfur cross out b. Nitrate cross out c. Hydrogen sulfide cross out cross out d. Atmospheric nitrogen e. Ammonia cross out Fermentation can occur in Eukaryotes using either lactic acid or ethanolic fermentation. Some bacteria can undergo more diverse types of fermentation such as mixed acid fermentation. Which of the following statement(s) are true to all forms of fermentation in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes? Note: more than one answer is possible, check all appropriate choices cross out Select all that apply: a. Fermentation requires an intact mitochondrion b. Glucose is fully oxidized cross out c. Pyruvate is reduced cross out d. Requires the partial oxidation of glucose Cross out e. Produces 6 ATP cross out f. Cannot occur in the presence of oxygen Cross out Fatty acids can be metabolized by cellular respiration – if you have a triacylglycerol with 3 hydrocarbon chains all 20 carbons long linked to one glycerol backbone, how many ATP can be produced by the complete oxidation of one triacylglycerol. Note: hydrocarbon chains enter the Kreb’s cycle as Acetyl-CoA. Select one: a. 400 cross out b. 386 cross out c. 302 cross out d. 300 cross out e. 360 Cross out A diet drug that is on the internet called DNP claims to be able to burn calories without working out and help you lose weight. What they don’t tell you is that it has been linked to severe diarrhea, gross sweating and intestinal issues. Using the following diagram, which answer choice best describes the effect of DNP on weight loss? MITOCHONDRIAL ATP SYNTHESIS OH NO2 Inter-membrane space – IMS low pH, higher [H] H+ 2,4-dinitrophenol DNP Noz Mitochondrial inner membrane Matrix high pH, lower [H] Artificial collapse of pH gradient NOZ H+ NOZ ADP+PI ATP NO2 NOZ ATP synthesis driven by collapse of proton gradient cross out Select one: a. Dissipation of the proton gradient without making ATP means more organic nutrients need to be consumed to supply the ATP demands of the body cross out b. By blocking ATP synthesis, the body can no longer produce ATP and more calories need to be consumed c. By uncoupling the proton gradient from ATP synthesis you have to breathe a lot harder and that burns calories d. introduction of DNP allows the body to produce more ATP than normal e. This diet drug sounds amazing! cross out cross out Cross out

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