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A frequent occurrence on science fiction shows is that a human (Earthling) is held captive by aliens. Wishing to keep their captive alive and in good health for experimentation, they offer the human a pill stating: “This is a pill* that we consume to provide our total energy needs. You, Earthling, will also consume this pill to provide your energy needs.” Based on the human digestive system, explain if consuming such a pill (assuming it was not immediately toxic to the individual) would allow a human to survive for an extended period of time (e.g., one year). In your explanation consider the nutrient requirements of the human body and if an ‘energy pill’ would be able to provide all the necessary molecules to sustain the metabolic processes of the human body.

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The Nutrient Requirements Of The Human Body and If An ‘Energy Pill’ Would Sustain The Metabolic Processes Of The Human Body
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This pill is composed of plasma, considered the fourth state of matter (in addition to solid, liquid and gas). Plasma is superheated matter in the form of an ionized gas, consisting of Neon (element 10 designated Ne in the atomic table) molecules which become positively charged, and negatively charged electrons.

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