Take one multi-national firm of your choice among: SolBridge, Nintendo, Neflix, Volve, Logitech, Swarovski, or Gucci. Suppose that you are the CEO of the company above, and now researching on the industry you’re in. 1) First of all, you need to identify who are your customer by using market segmentation analysis. Among standardization, segmentation, or focus strategy,’ which of the market segmentation strategy is the most relevant to describe your market? Please briefly specify the reason why. 2) Conduct a Five Forces analysis and detect the opportunities and threats of your company. In order to get a full point, you need to analyze at least three forces’ and clearly specify whether each of factor is opportunity (+) and threat (-). 3) Based on your answer 1)-2), please suggest the possible strategies for your company. You are the CEO of the company in [Part B] (the multi-national firm of your choice in [Part B] remains the same here). 1) What kinds of Resources and Capabilities you have in your company? 2) Please apply VRIO framework to identify core competencies. In order to get a full point, you need to analyze all of the four factors of VRIO model.

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