The first step create a short summary of the article. You may use a PowerPoint slide show, to convey the key information and argument in the article. It does not need to be elaborate, but there should be NO typos. A map or other graphics may be useful. The presentation should take about five to ten minutes to view. Be sure to clarify any new terms that are introduced in the article. The presentation should pose questions to the class to direct a conversation in which you use information from the articles to discuss the topics of human trafficking and integral human development. These may come at the end, or be integrated throughout the presentation . Try to extend the discussion beyond the confines of this article. For example, how does the author’s argument connect with other information, situations, and/or applications? Try to create questions that will tie your presentation with those of other students. The article is attached below ..

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The first step create a short summary of the article. You m
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