Paper midterm final exam general tips. ( PROFESSOR’S TIPS )

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The differences between Conservatism, Liberalism and Libertarianism and Socialism?
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1.1-2 pages double spaced 2 academic sources per question.

2.Any format is fine.

3.If you cite quote explain it.

4.Valid soures .org edu news articles opinion writing editorals oped.

5.Stay away from basic details. Example: if you cite a court case why is it important?

6. As always ask questions. I would like to offer everyone feedback by 2/1 or earlier as needed.



1. Explain the differences between the federalists and Anti Federalist. Why did the anti federalists want a bill of rights? Explain how this country would have been different had they not been successful in their push to add a bill of rights.

2. Explain the concept of judicial review. Why is the case Marbury verses Madison still important today? Cite some modern day examples to answer this question, using outside research.

3. Talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of federalism. Does this system serve the United States well? Why or why not?

4. Explain the differences between Conservatism, Liberalism and Libertarianism and Socialism? Feel free to use issue differences to answer this question. Examples include health care, taxes, wars, etc.

5.Discuss the main elements of the immigration issue.

6. Discuss the role of interest groups in American politics.

7. Does the concept of divided government work as the founders may have intended? Cite current examples to answer the question. Secondly, briefly discuss the differences between a winner take all system and proportional representation. Do you prefer one over the other?

8. Discuss the nature of political polling. Be sure to discuss terms such as random sample and margin of error. What should the public look for in determining whether a poll is accurate?

9. Discuss media consolidation. What is it? Outline the main concern some have when it comes to media coverage? Are the critics right or wrong

10. Discuss the differences in judicial philosophies we see on the Supreme Court today? Your book highlights the adaptive verses originalist approach.

11.What does the FCC do? Discuss it’s current position on media consolidation.

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