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The difference between the terms microcytic and megaloblastic
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It is understood that thoughtful responses to your topic question(s) will take some time and thought. Please organize your thoughts before creating your initial post. To assist you in your work for this discussion, please use the worksheet linked in each of the team threads to organize your thoughts. Then simply copy and paste the text from the document into your initial post.

Based on your assigned team, create an initial post by answering ALL questions for your assigned case (Team A, B, or C), making sure to address all components of all questions.

By Day 3, post your initial response to your assigned case study as a new discussion thread. Please be sure to number the questions addressed and include all components of each question in your response. Each initial response must have a reference, including at least two scholarly references other than your textbook or course materials. Your post should be limited to 500 to 750 words and comprehensively address the questions posed.

Team A

Week 6 Discussion Team A Worksheet (Word)

Describe the three stages of hemostasis.
Explain the difference between the terms microcytic and megaloblastic. Identify one condition where each may occur.
Compare the general effects of the general states of anemia and polycythemia in terms of hemoglobin level, hematocrit, general appearance, and possible complications. There can be different causes for these conditions. Compare their general presentation, regardless of cause.
In patients with leukemia, the mouth and mucosa of the digestive tract are usually inflamed and ulcerated because of anemia, the effects of chemotherapy, and the presence of infections, such as candidiasis. Explain how this situation would affect food and fluid intake, and list some possible subsequent effects on the patient with leukemia.

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