Read “The Psychology of Prejudice: An Overview” and “Ten Myths About Affirmative Action” both by Plous.

Explain how three concepts in “The Psychology of Prejudice: An Overview” relate to the criminal justice system using 4 or more sources (texts and other sources). One criminal justice example for each concept (Stereotype, Prejudice and Discrimination). Define each term according to the Plous article. And it should be cited in your paper as Plous.
Your paper should have two Plous articles referenced both in the text of the paper and on your reference page. Use three facts from each article that contradicted your answers in the survey. Worth 10% of your final grade and Paper should be 4-6 pages in length, not including cover and reference pages and it should also include a copy of your baseline survey results. Must be APA style.

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The Difference between Prejudice, Stereotype and Discrimination
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