Project – Educational Pamphlet Project This course includes an individual project related to nutrition and diet. The project involves the development of an educational pamphlet to teach an individual about a specific type of diet. Students may choose from the diets below, or choose one on their own, upon approval of the instructor: • Atkins Diet • The Zone Diet • Vegetarian Diet • Vegan Diet • South Beach Diet • Mediterranean Diet The pamphlet should include (i) step by step instructions and/or details about the diet selected, (ii) visual aids, (iii) informational websites, community resources, support groups and telephones numbers for a patient to obtain additional information and (iv) other information necessary to educate a patient. Students must also include a separate reference sheet indicating the sources where they obtained the information utilized for the project. Students will be required to present their pamphlet to the class (see course calendar for dates). Dates will be assigned by the instructor. The following guidelines will be utilized to grade the project: Guideline Description Points Content • Provides substantive and relevant development of ideas • Provides logical, accurate, and sufficient level of detail • Demonstrates an in depth understanding of the ideas in the assigned reading and critically evaluates/responds to those ideas in an analytical, persuasive manner. 65% Organization • Creates a clearly identifiable introduction, body, and conclusion. • Provides unified paragraph structure–each paragraph develops only one central idea. • Colorful, creative and easy to read 20% Language • Incorporates appropriate medical terminology, avoids irrelevant and redundant words, phrases and other distracting information and has appropriate spelling; 5% 21 Any Other Virtual Exercises assigned in Week 11 are due and must be submitted by 8:00 a.m. on Monday of Week 12. 22 With the permission and direction of the instructor students may be allowed to resubmit Other Virtual Exercises after such period for purposes of remediation and achieving a grade of Complete. Resubmission of Other Virtual Exercises should be completed through the Canvas Inbox (Canvas email system). This syllabus is intended as a guide and is subject to change as needed. 15 • Avoids errors in sentence boundaries such as fused sentences and sentence fragments • Avoids plagiarism; uses paraphrase and quotes skillfully Presentation • Clear and logical • Creative and interesting • Effectively relies information 10%

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The development of an educational pamphlet to teach an individual about a specific type of diet
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