Hi! There are two articles: one article from BBC (about covid-19) and one article in as pdf-file (focusing on McDonald’s, Amazon an Wal-mart.)

BBC article link: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20201023-coronavirus-how-will-the-pandemic-change-the-way-we-work

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The changing nature of consumption and the intensification of McDonaldization in the digital age
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Instruction to the BBC-covid article:
As you notice, this is not an academic text, but a collection of short insights given by different experts about the possible effects of the pandemic on the realm of work, collected by a group of BBC journalists.

1. Select from the text 3-4 points made by experts about new inequalities and/or new social/economic arrangements that the pandemic time may bring forward in the field of work. Please make your selection based on what topics you consider as most topical.

2. While reading the text, please pay attention to the positions (organization, title, etc) of the experts. Do you see any patterns in ways how different experts bring out different issues? In your opinion, are there fields or perspectives (persons) that could have been added to have a more multifaceted perspective?

And instructions for the McDonaldization in the digital age -article

Summarize 3-4 main points of the article.

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