Paper instructions:

Here is the background – We need a technical report written, as if you were a software company which had to PROVE we needed to spend our money to research/develop to solve a technical uncertaincy/challenge.

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The people above us need us to PROVE THIS and if we could prove this, we would get funding for a future project, but this would only come if you were to detail a challenge/uncertaincy you found whilst developing or attempting to develop a piece of software…

And how you could/have potentially overcome this challenge/uncertaincy by hiring/paying other people to create a NEW WAY to overcome this problem

The challenge/uncertaincy has to be factual and detailed and you need to explain why you would need to find a NEW way to overcome this challenge.

So you need to find a real issue and solution with the theme we are giving you.

And there has to be a reason why you are asking for funding of this company to overcome this challenge.  Basically we only get funding if we can prove we needed to pay specialists/experts to overcome/help us with this technical problem/uncertaincy in developing out software.

THE KEY THING HERE IS – The uncertaincy/challenge has to be technologically challenging, as opposed to functional in nature (and using technology).  We need to detail the challenge that there is and can be overcome by developing new or improving existing technology.

With all that said, the topic here is  – As our softwares integrate with third-party API’s, the main uncertainty and challenge we have faced with all software we have developed is keeping data and users safe on our platforms.

Data Security Risks of Using 3rd Party APIs with software we have developed –  That’s an technological issue especially with third party API’s.  How can we overcome this uncertaincie by developing new tech or research?  SOMETHING THAT IS NOT ON THE OPEN MARKET RIGHT NOW.  we need to prove we are focusing our energy/time/resources on NEW solutions.

So basically, we create softwares like chatbots.  They integrate with third party API’s (send and recieve date from third party sources) and we need to keep data and users safe.  With this report we are detailing a challenge in doing this becuase of technical restraints etc, how we can/possibly overcome it by hiring experts.  And the solution/challgne we need to explain in tech detail how we are to do this

And remember these are the key areas we need to focus this technical report on:

– Explain the technological or scientific advances that your projects were intended to solve


– Describe the scientific or technological uncertainties that were encountered.

(Remember, this must be something that cannot be readily overcome by a competent professional in the field. It may be relevant to identify what others (such as rival companies) are doing to overcome these uncertainties)

– Walk through how, and when, the identified uncertainties were overcome.
(The methods used should be described, and if there was a failure to overcome those uncertainties, this must be explained)

– Explain why the knowledge being sought was not readily deducible by competent professionals already.
(Here we need to explain why we needed to hire experts in the field to overcome these problems/research further)

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