1.  Agency law regulates the relationship between an agent and the person they represent (the “principal”). This principal-agent relationship is commonly referred to as a “fiduciary” relationship. What is a fiduciary duty and what fiduciary duties does an agent owe to their client (principal)? Why are these duties important?
2.  The “Talent Agency General Service Agreement” (see attachment) has several standard clauses, one of which is the Exclusive Representation clause. What does this clause mean? Do you think it’s in the agent or the client’s favor? As an artist (client), would you feel comfortable signing this contract? Would you feel comfortable signing it as a manager (agent)? Why or why not?
3.  California and New York require talent agents to be licensed in order to do business. Many other states do not. Do you think every state should require talent agents to be licensed? Why or why not?
4.  The lawsuit brought by her manager accuses Cardi B of breach of contract and defamation (among other things). Based on your reading of the posted articles from Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, do you think Cardi B is guilty of breach of contract and defamation? Why or why not?  Please be specific.

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