CA Supporting Children and Families in Social Care CA Supporting Children and Families in Social Care Read the case study. Using an ecological model discuss the role of the social care worker in supporting the children and family in the case study. Advocate for approaches that will meet their needs including information on supports/ programmes or interventions that you think would be suitable and critically discuss the reasons for your choices. Use of theory to back up all aspects of your response are expected. You must: Identify key strengths along with risk and protective factors for this family. Demonstrate an understanding of the key strengths and challenges/ risks using relevant theory to support your assessment. Choose one programme or method of support that you will prioritise for this family (This can be aimed at just one or more family members)- show your analysis in making this decision- what other priorities did you identify and how did you prioritise. Marking scheme Critical analysis 35 Knowledge, understanding and application of supports etc 35 Knowledge and use of theories 30 Word Count: 1,500-1,800 words Due date: Tuesday 16th of March 2020. Uploaded to Moodle by 6pm. Use of appropriate literature and correct use of Harvard referencing is expected and marks in all categories will reflect this.

CA Supporting Children and Families in Social Care Case Study You are a Social Care worker in a voluntary agency that works with Children and families. The agency use evidence informed interventions to support the children and families that engage in their service. They also work using an interagency approach, linking with other agencies the children and parents are working with. Family Composition Mam Sarah Smith Dad John Jones Children Siobhan age 7 years Michael age 3 years Sean age 8 months Sarah (mam) is in addiction. She started using heroin when she was 14 years old, she is now 28. Sarah has been on Methadone since she became aware of her pregnancy with Siobhan. Sarahs partner John is dad to Michael and Sean. He has used heroin since he was 16. He has been on Methadone for the past 5 years, he is now 29. He has some health issues including hepatitis c. His parents have a close relationship with Michael and Sean. They spend time with them every week and have a sleep over 2-3 times per month. Currently both Sarah and John are on methadone maintenance programmes through a HSE addiction service. They do not engage in any other supports for their addiction. They have tried to detox, without support, but have not been able to remain drug free. The have both expressed that they would like to be drug free but feel it is very difficult and there isn’t enough support. Their link worker is trying to get them support from a local community addiction service that offers key working, counselling, support groups and drop-in services. They both missed their first meeting as Sean was unwell. They live in private rented accommodation and have been here since just before Michael was born. They have a good relationship with their landlord and pay their rent on time. They get on well with the neighbours. They say there is occasional anti-social behaviour but generally their road is quiet with no problems. The previously lived in a different area and had a family support worker who helped with practical tasks when Michael was born. There was regular reports of anti-social behaviour to the Gardai on this road, but this family were not involved in this. The referral is from the Public Health Nurse (PHN). She has stated that she felt the children were consistently dirty and underweight. She has to remind Sarah to bring the children for vaccinations and developmental checks. Both boys are behind with their vaccinations. Michael was treated with phenobarbital at birth due to Sarahs drug use while she was pregnant.

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Supporting Children and Families in Social Care
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