Sneakerhead Supply & Demand Argumentative Essay

This week we are studying the principles of supply and demand through the lens of the Sneakerhead market.  For the uninitiated, a Sneakerhead is someone who collects sneakers as an investment where they buy vintage or rare sneakers and hope their value increases so they can cash in and make a profit.

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Studying the principles of supply and demand through the lens of the Sneakerhead market
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This week you will do some research on the comic book and sneakers collectors market and prepare yourself to write an argumentative essay where you argue about this question:

“Will the Sneakerhead market collapse one day like the comic book market did in 1993?”

Use the following sources to help you research
Comicbook Reading: “The Crash of 1993
[We will be reading this during live instruction]
Josh Luber Ted Talk
[We will watch this during live instruction]
PBS News Sneakerheads Report

[Watch on your own]
NY Times: “How Much Is That Sneaker in the Window?”

[Read on your own]

Your essay should have at least 3 paragraphs including an introduction and a conclusion.
Please make sure you address the following questions in your argument:
How were the concepts of supply and demand misjudged in the comic book market?
How might Nike’s influence over the Sneakerhead market prevent what happened to the comic book market?

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