Type:Graduate Level: Individual Project
Unit:  Strategy Composition
Due Date:  Wed, 6/6/18
Grading Type: Numeric
Points Possible:  100
Points Earned:  0
Deliverable Length:  2–3 pages
Deborah enters your office, and you notice that she looks apprehensive. “Hi, Deborah. What’s up?” you ask, hoping that nothing is wrong.
“Well, your team is doing an excellent job researching, and you’ve been keeping me up-to-date on your findings. My concern is that we are approaching this from a narrow-minded approach.”
“How so?” You ask. You are puzzled. “Our team has been looking at every aspect of the company and considering both internal and external pros and cons.”
“We need your findings put into some kind of management system so we can really see where we are headed regarding our global expansion. I think we need to cover our bases here. Please report back to me next week with your thinking put into a framework.”
Complete the following:

  • A balanced scorecard suggests that we view the organization from four perspectives (the learning & growth perspective, the business process perspective, the customer perspective, and the financial perspective). 
  1. Briefly discuss these four perspectives analyzing what each means to your organization? Based on this analysis:
  2. What other strategies would be a good fit for your company profile?
  3. Provide a brief overview of these strategies? 
  4. Why is it important to have more than one strategy in mind when pursuing global expansion? 

The materials found in the M.U.S.E. may help you with this assignment such as the audio file Choosing a Strategy. This file provides real-world experience that may help you with this assignment. In addition to your textbook material, here are a few resources that may help you learn more about the basics of the balanced scorecard:

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Strategy Composition: Briefly discuss these four perspectives analyzing what each means to your organization? Based on this analysis.
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