Strategies for implementing health education, how can we best make sure we are teaching all types of learners in our classrooms?


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Strategies for Implementing Health Education
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The chapter goes to pretty great lengths to discuss various methods of teaching like bringing in speakers, exhibits, podcasts, movies and video clips, games, skits, and more; which are all fantastic additions to any classroom setting that allow students to be actively engaged with the material and have various contexts and understandings to draw from in order to build their own – the more sources of information they have, and the more varied and interesting the more likely something is the stick with them! Technology on school campuses is becoming easier and easier to acquire and involve in the everyday classroom (even if it is a bit outdated at times), and internet and media literacy is becoming similarly increasingly critical in the modern era, so there’s hardly any excuse not to involve it in the classroom educational experience. Multimedia presentations are critical not only to including all students the first time, but making sure that they get the best out of ever lesson and have the proper means to know how and where to dig into it themselves if they need.


As teachers we must be prepared to teach all the different kinds of students (English learners, Intellectual Disabilities students, especial education students, gifted students) that will be in our classroom. The first step we must take every year as we get new sets of students in our classroom is become aware of how our students learn the best. It is important to discuss and or do activities in the beginning of the year that will give the teacher insight on how to best support the students learning. Once we have a good idea of how each of our students learn, we can determine what kind of strategies to do and how much we should implement certain strategies. For example, if we have some students that best learn through visual observation or videos and such then it is important for the teacher to implement some type of demonstration that the students can visually see while teaching them something new in a lesson. As we plan our lessons that we will be teaching, I believe it will be a good idea to incorporate all the different learning styles into our lessons to make sure every student gets the most enriching learning experience that is fulfilling to them. Teachers can start by explaining out loud what we will learn about and try to look for a song to play that goes with the lesson for students who have auditory learning styles. Then, we can watch a video on our topic to appeal to visual learners. Lastly the lesson can end with an activity that children can do with their hands such as creating an object out of play dough or drawing a picture. The methods can vary day by day to keep the students engaged but as long as we keep in mind to add different ways to learn in our lessons we should be able to best support all students.


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