Strategic Human Resource Management: WeaveTech, formerly Johnson-Ware, is a clothing company that produces jackets, coats, overall, coveralls, and fire-resistant clothing for the military. A private equity firm renamed the company after it acquired Johnson-Ware several years ago. WeaveTech now faces a changing market, and its new CEO is planning to change its strategy. As part of this strategy, he CEO wants to cut the number of WeaveTech managers by 20%. He asks Frank Jennings, WeaveTech’s VP for Human Resources, to recommend how to do so. Jennings has done his best to balance these changes with the company’s long history, its small-town culture, and its high performance culture. Jennings finds the decision to reduce headcount to be challenging. Is it ethical to discharge high-performing managers? Is the new strategy sound How should Jennings respond to the managerial reduction mandate, and what should he recommend to the board?

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