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Assignment 2 – Strategic Communications Plan Value: 30% Word Count: 2000 words Due: As per schedule
In the form of a report, prepare a formal strategic communications plan for an identified client including the following components:
outline the (real/potential) communication issues/situation/problem, specifically as it
relates to your organisation describe the research that you have undertaken to devise and implement the
campaign identify the key (internal and/or external) publics and stakeholders and their role in
the campaign identify the main goals of your campaign identify the SMART objectives of the campaign write a strategy statement for the campaign identify and explain the key message/s for the campaign identify the channels and tactics to be used to convey the campaign messages
and implement the strategy statement outline how the success of the campaign is to be monitored and evaluated
Your reference list for this communications plan should contain a minimum of four (4) academic sources including two (2) from the PRO204 reading list.
You are required to develop a strategic communications plan to address ONE of the three issues below. Please read each scenario carefully and choose a ‘client’ from the instructions provided.
You do not need to provide a budget or timetable for this plan, so you are encouraged to present an ‘ideal’ campaign, without the constraints of a formal budget or schedule.
However, you do need to be mindful of how realistic your strategy is, which a consideration in the marking criteria is.
Please be mindful that this is a hypothetical assignment and the organisations below are not real clients. ie: they have not been involved in the development of this brief. You should not contact them for information.
Please direct any questions you have to your tutor in the first instance.
1.Transportation issues in Singapore.
For Singaporeans living on the outskirts of the city, public transport issues can increase travelling and commuting time considerably. A number of strategies to improve this situation include improving bus and SMRT routes.
You are the public relations officer for SMRT and have been tasked with raising awareness of the travel options for consumers living on the outskirts of the city and the changes that
Murdoch University 16
have been made to address these issues. You need to carefully consider and record public opinion documented in the following article by way of comments as well.
You should use this link as a starting point for the research you undertake to inform your plan:
This article is for your initial research. Use other research and academic references to fully inform your campaign.
2. Obesity Prevalence in Adult Singaporeans.
A journal article was published in October 2013 that discusses rates of obesity prevalence among Singaporean adults and children.
You are a PR consultant for the Singaporean Health Care system who have been tasked with the job of creating a strategic recommendations plan to raise awareness of the need to prevent and to detect any symptoms of obesity and to improve the health of Singaporeans.
You should use this link as a starting point for the research you undertake to inform your plan:
Extend your research to use other academic and supporting references to inform your campaign.
3. Landfill issues as Singapore’s rubbish dump grows bigger.
Consider the article below and research as much as you can on the management of household rubbish in Singapore and the impact on landfill.
You are a PR person for the Singaporean Government’s Department of Environment and Water Resources. You have been tasked with the job of creating a strategic recommendations plan to raise awareness of this issue in Singapore and to create a simple information pack on reducing waste and landfill.
You should use this link as a starting point for the research you undertake to inform your plan:
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Assessment criteria The assignment will be marked using the following criteria:
The plan should: % allocation
Present an original, complete, coherent and persuasive report, which includes all elements outlined above.
Demonstrate a high level of understanding of PR strategic planning and strategy development.
Incorporation and analysis of background research
Demonstrate evidence of relevant and adequate background research and analysis.
Integrate research findings fluently into the discussion.
Referencing, writing and presentation
Include consistent and complete details of references/sources
Write fluently and accurately and edit carefully.
Present document professionally.
Examination Value: 30% Due: Assessment Period
The two-hour closed book examination will cover key theories, concepts and approaches covered by the unit, and test your ability to apply those concepts to real life examples. More information will be provided on the examination format during the trimester.
Students should bring identification to the exam.
Students have a right to see marked scripts.
Past exam papers are not available on the library website as students are required to refer to the practice exam for the trimester in which they are studying, which is made available via MyUnits. Students are responsible for ensuring they are aware of the time and date of the examination as well as examination rules and regulations. More information on examinations can be found on the MyMurdoch student portal.

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