Paper instructions:

Database management systems are key element of information technology systems that are used on a
day-to-day basis by many organizations. The keys to using a database management system are to collect
the necessary requirements for the database, translate these requirements into a database design,
create the database from the design, load data into the database, and nally to perform manipulations
of the database. The purpose of this nal assignment is to ensure that you understand and can carry
out the necessary tasks in order to manage a sample database.
From a high-level standpoint, this nal project consists of the following steps:
1. Selection of a database.
2. Identifying the requirements for the database based on the purpose for the database and the data to ll the
3. Create a database design based on the requirements for the database, create the physical database, and load
data into the database.
4. After loading the database, carry out sample queries that would be performed on the actual database. Show the
results of the sample queries.
This project will consist of a series of steps dened in the prompts of the assignment. Some of the
prompts are necessary to properly prepare for the manipulation of the database whereas others will be
necessary for you to complete to demonstrate your competence with the concepts of this topic. The
answers to these prompts will be examined against the actual expected answers to the prompt. All
prompts that will be assessed against an answer key, meaning that you will get either full, partial, or no
points per prompt.
Setting up the Database/Preparing for this Project
In order to carry out this project it will be necessary for you to set up your access to a database system.
The following instructions will explain how to do this.
First, be sure you have MySQL installed and have started the Workbench. Installation instructions for
installing a free version of MySQL are located in the lesson Installing MySQL for Database Programming.
Additional Project Preparations
Each prompt will ask you to enter an SQL statement, or to formulate an SQL statement. After entering
the SQL statement, a window containing the results of the statement (called a query) will be displayed.
This results displayed on this screen will be the answer to the prompt and what will be graded. You are
to turn in a word document that contains a series of screen captures that contain the results of an SQL
statement. The word document will contain multiple pages, each page containing one or more screen
captures associated with the prompt. The screens associated with a prompt should be labeled with
some text that indicate the prompt they are associated with.
There are dierent ways to obtain a screen capture. On a PC you can press the CTRL key and the Print
Screen key. Then you can past the captured screen into the document. Pressing Shift-Command-3 on a
Mac will capture the current screen on the Mac and place a le of this capture on the desktop.
If you drag this icon into the word document, the screen will appear in the word document like so.
When you have completed this nal project, save the word document with all of your screen captures.
This is the le you will submit as your work for the nal project.
Final Project Prompts

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Prompt 1 – Create the Schema/Database
First, we need to create a database schema in MySQL workbench.
Start the MySQL Workbench. If you followed instructions from the Installing MySQL for Database
Programming lesson, the Workbench should load au

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