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Question 11 Mohammed, the store manager at an Old Navy outlet, spoke with Ameera, his new assistant manager, about the store’s job relationships system; he also explained whom she will report to and who will report to her. Mohammed said, “This system that clarifies tasks and reporting relationships and motivates our employees work together to achieve our company’s goals.” Question: Specify what Mohammed was referring to in his conversion with Ameera. Explain your answer.
Question 12 Business Designs utilizes a structure that includes functional and product divisions simultaneously. Staff are grouped into permanent teams. Question: Specify Business Design type of organizational structure. Explain your answer.
Question 13 Mohammed, the CEO of Solar Tiles, has three people reporting to him: the vice president of marketing, vice president of HR, and vice president of accounting. Each of the vice presidents have seven subordinates that report directly to her/him. Question: Specify the type of Mohammed’s span of control. Explain one advantage of this type of span of control.
Basma, the General Manager of Fit and Trim Nutrition Services, was telling her new nutritionist that “I have many decisions to make in a day, and as the manager, during a week, I have to give orders to most of the 35 employees. Then there is my budget and the allocation of resources, which I oversee.” Basma’s gives her the right to make decisions, give orders, and utilize resources. Question: Specify what gives Basma the right to make decisions, give orders, and utilize resources. Explain your answer.
Question 15 A manager is considering increasing extent to which a job allows an employee to make decisions such as scheduling different tasks and methods of performing tasks. Question: According to the ‘Job Characteristics Approach’ to job design, specify the term that the manager was referencing. Explain its importance.
Question 16 “Simply You Co.’ is an interior design company owned and managed by Reem. She recognizes and rewards her distinguished subordinates. She has to be highly active and alert as she constantly faces challenging and new design projects that requires using her knowledge and creativity. Despite using her ability to punish subordinates for illegal wrong doing, she is highly liked by all subordinates. She strives to create friendly, family-like and caring work environment. Question: According to Fiedler’s Leadership Model, specify the level of favorableness of Reem’s situation. Also, specify appropriateness of her leadership behavior.
Question 17 Thomas Reuters is an organization that provides critical information for businesses and professionals. It has a hierarchical structure that is organized into separate business divisions: Financial and Risks ($6.5 billion in annual revenues), which provides information to traders, investors, and market places; Legal ($3.4 billion), which provides information to global businesses, law firms, governments, and universities; Tax & Accounting (1.4 billion), which provides information to tax professionals, companies and governments; and Intellectual Property & Science ($1 billion), which provides information to life sciences companies, scientific and scholarly researchers, and those in need for intellectual property solutions. Question: Specify Thomas Reuters’ type of departmentalization. Explain your answer.

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