South Korea Electronics Industry.

General Guidelines for Industry Competitiveness, and Country Report

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South Korean Electronics Industry
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The country report will consist of 3 parts.

A) International Trade (25 % of paper)
• Balance of payments (last 5 years) – analyses and implications
• trading relationships (membership in trading blocs)
• top exports and imports
• foreign direct investments (inflows, outflows, and stock)
• tariff policies (country average)
• non-tariff barriers

B) Select one of the top industries in the country of choice (50 %)
Brief history and milestones.
Industry size (value, units, and a number of employees), structure, and a number of segments.
Use Porter’s Diamond to investigate its international competitiveness.
• Demand Conditions
• Related and Supporting Industries
• Factor Conditions
• Strategy, structure, and rivalry in that industry (identify major competitors in the industry and what are their individual strategies)
• Government policies

C) Culture and Business Practices (25 %)

This part is purely descriptive. Topics include
• General description of country culture
• Business protocol and communications
• Cultural do’s and don’ts
• Culture-specific business practices
• Negotiating style and tactics
• Compare on various dimensions to American culture using Hofstede’s work.

D) Conclusions: Summarize, what are major factors that contribute to the competitiveness of the industry of the country.

Please do not forget to put a list of references in alphabetical order at the end of the report.

Sources: Please put the source(s) of information used in the paper at the appropriate places in the body of the paper.


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