Instructions: You have read and analyzed many different forms of protest that happened during the Civil Rights movement in the United States. Choose one of the speeches (“I Have a Dream” or “The Ballot or the Bullet”), and one of the poems, songs, articles, or letters to use as a template and guide.

Choose a topic about something that you want to change in your community, town, county, state, or country. This could be anything. See the next page of this document for a list of possible topics, but choose something you are interested in.

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Once you’ve chosen your topic, you will begin researching, using the graphic organizers and bibliography chart. You want to find research that explains what your issue is, why it exists, why it needs to be changed, and what possible solutions there are. Your sources should cover both the “Pro” side and the “Con” side. In other words, you should have at least one source that thinks your issue is not an issue that needs to be changed, and at least one source that says it needs to be changed.

Finally, use your templates to write two pieces: a speech and a short poem/song/article/letter convincing your audience to change something about the issue.


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