Paper instructions:

Impact calculus is a part of debate. The impact calc is presented in the last speech of your argument. The purpose of impact calc is to explain to the judge why your argument matters the most.

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Impact – The result or consequence of an action AND Reasons why your argument matters. For example, your argument matters because you are preventing bad things from happening OR your argument matters because you are causing good things to happen.

Impact Calculus includes the following:

Magnitude – the size of the impact (consequence). Is your impact(consequence) bigger? Smaller? More significant? More deaths? Less deaths? Etc.

Timeframe – when an impact(consequence) will occur. Will your impact(consequence) happen soon? Later? Over a period of time? Short term? Long term? Etc.

Probability – the likelihood of certain impacts (consequences) happening. Is it more than likely to happen? Your impact is guaranteed to happen while the opposing team’s impact is only likely or may occur?

Turns the Case – When you explain how your impact will cause your opponents impact to happen. For example…

Aff Topic:

McDonalds is delicious

McDonalds is so delicious that I only need to eat it once a month. Therefore, I’m not putting my health at risk, so nothing is unhealthy. Turns the case for aff.
Neg Topic:

McDonalds is not healthy

There are other places you can get delicious AND healthy food from. You can go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and buy delicious and healthy food. Therefore, you do not need McDonalds. Turns the case for neg.


Impact Calc Speech Template

  1. You will begin by stating your topic/position. You will then state at least 2 or 3 reasons/arguments that support your claim/position. Next, you will provide examples that support your arguments/reasons. You will be sure to verbally site your sources.
  2. Next you will explain why your arguments matter: The magnitude of my impact is _____ because ________. The probability of the impact is _________ because ______. The timeframe is ________.

After the cross examination, you will give your rebuttal speech.

You will reiterate why the judge should vote for your impact. You will explain again why your arguments matter: My impact is the most __________ because their impact is ____________ because _______. My magnitude is _____ but theirs is ________. My probability is ________ but theirs is ________ because ____________. My timeframe is _______ but theirs is ________ because _________. You should vote for me because __________.

Be sure to include support that turns the case. 

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