Paper instructions:

You can choose between one of these two essay questions:

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Should Human Rights Have Universal Validity.
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A) Do and should human rights have universal validity? Discuss the claim that human rights are Western and discuss what consequences this might have for the way we think about human rights.

B) Should the international community be given a responsibility to protect when serious human rights violations are committed within other states? Discuss this issue in the light of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine.

The scope of the essay is a total of 2000 words (+/- 10%, excluding front page and reference list). Answers that are below or above the word count requirement will not be considered.

The essay must be submitted in word format, with 12 point font and one and a half line spacing. Otherwise, remember to use the correct academic reference and follow the requirements for essay writing.

It must contain the presentation of the topic for the thesis where it is placed in a professional context, presentation of the problem, how the thesis is delimited, what is the thesis’ conclusion, and a description of how the thesis is structured.

Main section:
It should be a coherent argument that provides an answer to the problem. Important components are the definition of key concepts, an account of relevant participants and discussion and analysis that builds on the conclusion of the thesis. In this section, you will also answer your problem by making an argument.

This is like a mirror for the introduction itself. The conclusion repeats the position that the essay has taken and explains how the analysis in the main part has provided an answer to the problem of the thesis. You should not come here with new information and you should not wait to present your argument for conclusion. You should simply summarize the assignment.

Source usage: It is very important that you provide sources for all ideas and formulations that are taken from other works. It is important that guidelines for source use are followed carefully. Inadequate source references are not allowed.


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