You have been charged with developing a sexual health promotion strategy that utilizes technology. You can be creative in this pursuit using social media outlets, blogs, PSAs, etc. to promote the strategy. You must identify one sexual health issue (e.g., STDs, communicable diseases, testing, contraception) to promote. You must make sure your project includes the following:

  • Demographics (target population): ages, race, gender etc., if applicable
  • Identified outlet—what technology are you using?
  • Description of promotion—what does it look like, how will you design or market the information to promote information/strategy?

Caroline Bush

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Sexual Health Promotion Strategy: Identify one sexual health issue (e.g., STDs, communicable diseases, testing, contraception) to promote.
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Diversity management is an issue the effects both the private and public sector in today’s society.  In organizations, many of the of the work occurs in teams and groups(Knouse, & Dansby, 1999). Uhl-Bien, Scheermerhorm, &Osborn(2014), stated that a team is a group of people who work together to achieve a common purpose. Teamwork is when the group of individuals accept the individuality of the collective team and work together to accomplish a goal.  Hall (2013), stated that groups had become an essential element to the effectiveness of the organization.  The organization relies extensively on groups and teams to accomplish a goal, and these teams are now very diverse.
At one point in a person’s career, they will have to deal with diversity in the job force.  Diversity according to Foma(2014), is used to differentiate groups and people from one another.  In the workplace, diversity is based on gender, race, and ethnicity, and it is the distinction of qualities of each employee.  Diversity in the workforce can be distinguished by how the differences influence the interaction of the employees and how this interaction with each other will achieve a common purpose for the organization. Managing these teams can create staffing problems because these individuals possess distinct qualities, differing from beliefs, values, age, and lifestyle.  It is crucial for the manager to understand the differences when it comes to developing teams.
Managing workplace diversity will affect how individuals relate to each other and help achieve job satisfaction.  Managing diversity is based on the assumption that the individuality of the individuals will create new methods of working together. It allows the manager to work with a more significant pool of individuals and gives a broader perspective of solutions to problems. This ability to work together will allow for the increase in morale, profit, and productivity in the organization(Foma, 2014).
Specific skills are needed by the manager to work with these teams.  It will be the focus of the Human Resource department to develop policies that increase a positive work behavior by the employees.  In developing the strategies, the Human Resource manager must meet the demands of society, by improving the productivity and performances of the group.  It is essential for the Human Resource manager in managing the diversity to be aware of the problems that may impact the role of the team.   There are several elements in managing a diverse team.  One of these elements is equal opportunity employment for all employees.  Equal opportunity means the treatment of the employees to be fair and impartial in all aspects of employment(Foma2014).
Due to the advancement of technology communication with people from different parts of the world is now easier. However,  one issue that will hurt diverse teams is communication among the team members.  It is essential that managers work on the barriers that will keep employees from communicating with each other.   If the team is unable to communicate with each, it will influence the business environment as well as the organization (Foma,2014).  Another issue would be the employees who are resisting change within the organization.   This type of employee will become dissatisfied and bring negativity to the group. Discrimination is another significant issue that would influence the team.  A manager must not show favoritism between the teams.  To be productive in the organization, the managers must show fairness and equality to each of the teams.  Managers who are unable to show fairness will have a team that feels threaten and will cause members of the team to search for other employment (Foma, 2014).
In conclusion, in today’s society, workforce diversity is a permanent fixture, and business need o have a diversity plan to accommodate the changing environment within the organization.  Workforce diversity has many benefits that include an increase in qualified personnel to help with productivity and creativity within the organization.  It is vital for the manager to have strategies that will cause the team to work together and help with the mission and the goals of the company.

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