Select one or two of the discussion questions below and provide a brief 100-150-word summary of your thoughts and opinions.In what ways is public speaking likely to make a difference in your life?
How is public speaking like everyday conversation?
How is public speaking different from everyday conversation?
Why is it normal—even desirable—to be nervous at the start of a speech?
How can you control your nervousness and make it work for you in your speeches?
What are the seven elements of the speech communication process? How do they interact to determine the success or failure of a speech?
What is ethnocentrism? Why do public speakers need to avoid ethnocentrism when addressing audiences with diverse cultural, racial, or ethnic backgrounds?HELLO, please select only one question. The bibliographic reference is The Art of Public Speaking. Thirteenth Edition. Read pages 1-25 to develop the question. ..

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  Select one or two of the discussion questions below and provid
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