1.Be noted that this already carry out commercial operations in company cannot selected countries. However, if you have ever entered this country and later quit, you can write. (For example, M&S will withdraw from the Chinese market in 2017, when it is possible to re-select a new entry strategy to enter the Chinese market)
2. The following Need a brief introduction to the history of the selected company
3. It should entry methods are optional: 1. wholly owned operations 2. partially existing with remainder of the held 3. joint ventures 4.equity alliance 5. licensing 6.franchising 7. management contracts 8. turnkey operations
4. After describing the two different entry strategies, compare the two. (For example, what kind of strategy do they use to expand the market? What political issues will there be if using this strategy in low-income countries?)
5. If you want to make a joint venture with a local company, you need to be a real local company, and write a joint stock allocation.
6. Meet the requirements of assignment brief
7. Let me know the company, country and the entry mode you choose.

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Select an existing company and help it develop an entry strategy to enter an COED country and emerged country.
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