Scanning electron microscopy is used to estimate the surface morphologies of the samples. The SEM images for the sample prepared by solid-state reaction method and calcined at 1000 °C, as shown in Figure 1. The performed analysis reveals the occurrence of a support-matrix where stand-out grains with polyhedron form. The grains are spread and oriented in different positions and are randomly distributed. These images of the compositions exhibit the formation of porous and fine grains materials. In addition, the grains have non-uniform shapes and seem to be agglomerated. We can notice the grains for each composition around 1 μm. There are no considerable changes in the morphology of samples except the particles size. It can be seen that the agglomerate and grain size decrease gradually after Cerium doping. The reducing in the mean grain size is due to the dopant element to the dopant element as far as its use as a microstructural stabilizer. Finally, appropriate Ce additives can reduce agglomerated and grain size, and improve the dispersity of grain.


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