Briefly describe a restaurant in which you would like to work. It could be an existing restaurant, or the one you hope to own someday. Write a paragraph or two describing this restaurant, its geographic location, style, demographic characteristics of the clientele, etc. Give a good, complete description.
Next, go through the menu planning process as outlined in chapter 3 of your textbook. Be sure to completely consider and describe the type of menu and the menu structure. Be certain to address the factors affecting menu planning: Customer Satisfaction, Sociocultural Factors, Food Habits and Preferences, Nutritional Influence, Aesthetic Factors and Government Regulations.  You can use each of these factors as subheadings in your paper.  See this page for information on how to format subheadings in APA format (Refer to the sixth edition):
Be sure to remember to consider and explain your decisions based on Food Cost, Product Capability, Type of Service and Availability of Foods. Be sure to consider truth in menu laws.
You should not be simply submitting a copy of a menu. This assignment should be a transcript of what you would consider as you go through the planning process.
Submission Instructions: This assignment should be an essay in APA format (6th edition) with a minimum of 500 words, including a properly formatted title page and reference page.  Do not include an abstract.   At the very least, your textbook should be cited, but to earn maximum points, include additional sources that support your choices and define your logic.
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