During this class and the previous, I had the unique opportunity to be involved in this project both virtually and physically.? Within my own professional organization, we implemented a fast-track and till this day I am monitoring its success and holding staff accountable to sustain change.? The awesome thing about this experience was that virtually I experience this on a high level as the project manager.? I did perform a Gantt Chart, though smaller than that of the one I did in class, and posted it in my office where it was seen by many.? I also found that I was able to speak more intellectually about project management and sustaining change, and this surely contributes to my value with this organization.?
Interestingly enough, my director asked if I would consider fish-boning to determine how improvements could be made on the back end of ED throughput since the front-end numbers have improved.? I told her that I would love to do this with her, but I also explained that our problems now will not be the same problems in the immediate future.? In other words, our efforts may be wasted with so much changing during this pandemic.? As a result of C19, large amounts of our PCU and ICU beds have been converted into C19 space.? All admitted patients are tested and resulted prior to admission or any procedure. ..

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respond? ? During this class and the previous, I had the uniqu
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