Acute Asthma Mr. Jefferson who is aged 30 years old walks into your clinic. You already are aware that he has asthma since this is not his first time at the clinic. He goes no to inform you clearly that in the last two or three weeks, he has had sleepless nights and is constantly awakened by coughs. Due to this intensified coughing, he has had to increase the use of his salbutamol inhaler every day.  His peak flow has also increased especially in the morning and at night. Mr. Jefferson has also been transferred at work and he now operates mostly in the open which could be an exposure to allergens or cold weather.Psychophysiology of Asthma Following Exposure to Cold weatherIn a case of acute asthma, the exacerbation comes about due to the contraction or else the bronchoconstriction of the smooth muscles of the bronchiole. When this happens, the airways are narrowed in a response to certain agents. These agents are stimuli and are either irritants or allergens (VanMeter and Hubert 2014). The exposure to these stimuli triggers allergies in the system of a patient and hence portraying the symptoms and signs of an asthma attack.Early Signs of Acute Asthma AttackBeing a chronic illness, the effect of asthma on a patient’s body are long-lasting and hence it makes the control of the disease a process. The infection affects the airways and also the lungs. The airways become narrowed and inflamed occasionally. The patient then experiences wheezing due to bronchoconstriction. There is also the production of thick mucus which in turn causes coughing and leads to improper breathing. The short breaths are brought about by poor oxygen supply. There is also tightening of the chest. All these are signs that Mr. Jefferson has experienced.Significant Medical and Drug History QuestionsAs a medical personnel, it is important to know exactly the record of the patient you are dealing with since the onset of the asthmatic attacks to his current state. This will enable you to plan, updates and also to provide the best medical advice possible to the patient. You should ask questions such as; if he has commenced on any medication?  Is there any medication that he has stopped since the last meeting? Has he noted any new allergic responses since the last meeting? When was the last asthma attack and how long did it last? What his feeding habits? The medical history of his family and whether they have a history of asthma attacks? And many more relevant questions that will help you get the right medication for the patient.Precautions in TreatmentThe most important factor that one is to consider while providing the appropriate medication for any asthma patient, is to provide a process that will reduce the severity of asthma attacks to prevent more damage on the patient’s respiratory organs (Sun 2017). The patient should also be given precautions to avoid things and activities that may trigger their asthma attacks. Items such as colognes, perfumes and smoking should be avoided at all costs. The patient in this case should also avoid going out into the cold while dressed inappropriately.  He should always protect his own health first by keeping warm and avoiding the cold.Effects of Prolonged Asthma AttackWith more asthma attacks that are uncontrollable, the patient is at high risk of losing their life. This is due to conditions known as acidosis and hypoxia which may lead to other fatal conditions such cardiac arrhythmias (Tello et al 2019). These frequent attacks can be terminal and may weaken one for life until they succumb to the condition.Measures to reduce AnxietyThe signs and symptoms of asthma can be frightening especially to young people. The inability to breath or breath well is a very scary ordeal that may lead to someone with acute asthma developing other conditions. It may lead to severe cases of anxiety that is further detrimental to the general health and well-being of a patient. The patient should therefore avoid factors that may trigger any asthma attacks.Inhalers and Their Use in the Control of Acute AsthmaWhen you get to look at his PMH, it shows a maintenance of 2 puffs of salbutamol MDI and beclometasone 100 MDI also 2puffs a day. He has also been on antihistamines for a while. The immediate care protocol to ensure that he receives include; stopping his use of the beclometasone inhaler in order to reduce the inhalation of steroids and to explain that he needs to ensure that he is using his inhaler as prescribed and also following the set procedure such as cleaning his mouth and brushing after using the inhaler (VanMeter and Hubert 2014).Likelihood of Frequent Respiratory InfectionsA patient such as Mr. Jefferson who has asthma is at a very high risk of infection from other illnesses caused by mostly virus and bacteria ( will get it few hours before your set deadline. Fill in all the assignment paper details that are required in the order form with the standard information being the page count, deadline, academic level and type of paper. It is advisable to have this information at hand so that you can quickly fill in the necessary information needed in the form for the essay writer to be immediately assigned to your writing project. 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