Please read and review the introduction section of the text. As you review the content, please think of contemporary examples in healthcare that either support or refute the “immutable truths” as outlined in Table 1.1. This is a mental exercise to warm-up your “critical thinking” skills. For the written assignment, please read the attached files on healthcare leadership. For each of the leadership styles as described in the articles, summarize the primary characteristics of each. Based on your review, which leadership theory best describes you? If you subscribe to more than one style, include a discussion of each. Including examples of “leadership in action” in the management of Respiratory Care professionals would be very helpful. What are some of the obstacles/challenges that RC managers may encounter in communicating with multi-cultural and multi-generational work forces? Please submit your responses no later than Tuesday evening 1/19/21.
*Please note that the document developed by the Joint Commission contains several chapters that will be very helpful to you over the entire semester.
Looking forward to your insights and observations on leadership! jk


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