RESEARCH-REVIEW PAPER AT THE DALI MUSEUM, ST. PETERSBURGthe introduduction have to be 1/3 of one page and has to included review the name of the Museum, the location, the date of your visit- Who, What, When, Where, the next paragraph i have to give a BRIEF general overview of the museum including the various collections, and any other relevant information about the MuseumBODY OF WORK- MINIMUM OF TWO PAGES -NO WIDE MARGINS, PARTIAL PAGES OR DOUBLE-DOUBLE SPACES BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS! You will choose ONLY-ONE-SINGLE-SPECIFIC-piece of DALI’S art to Research with “in-depth” detail. You will discuss the single piece of art you have chosen in terms of colour, technique, medium, subject matter, time frame in his life when it was painted, and events in his life at the time of the painting. You will use a Minimum of SIX (6) acceptable sources for this researchand in the conclition i have to conclude with your personal response to DALI’S artwork and museum in detail. its has to be one full page ..

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