Submit a survey of questions designed to measure the consumer’s evaluation of the importance of each determinant attribute. The survey should include the following sections: · A list of the determinant attributes: This section should ask survey participants to rate the importance of each determinant attribute, on a scale of -3 to +3, when choosing a product from the product category. · An outline of the research plan, determination of research goals and objectives, and a project timeline for execution · An outline of the consumer behaviors that the research plan will help to understand · Be sure to survey around the critical elements of value so that the team has a clear understanding of what drives the purchase, how customer needs are defined, and what customers are willing to pay for.

This survey asked participants to rate the Determinant Attributes and brands of an online education. The following are questions prepared by the research firm to measure each of the component parts of the attitude toward object model: 2.1 The evaluative (e) components are measured as follows:
A distance education program that is competitively priced is Important [+3] [+2] [+1] [0] [-1] [-2] [-3] Unimportant
A distance education program that accepts most credits and whose credits are easily transferable is Important [+3] [+2] [+1] [0] [-1] [-2] [-3] Unimportant

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Questionnaire, research plan, execution model: How likely is the school distance education program to accept most credits and to have credits that are easily transferable? Very Likely [+3] [+2] [+1] [0] [-1] [-2] [-3] Very Unlikely.
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Questions measuring the beliefs (b) component:
How likely is the school distance education program to be competitively priced? Very Likely [+3] [+2] [+1] [0] [-1] [-2] [-3] Very Unlikely
How likely is the school distance education program to accept most credits and to have credits that are easily transferable? Very Likely [+3] [+2] [+1] [0] [-1] [-2] [-3] Very Unlikely

The survey will be based off of the following paper:

Papa John’s pizza, Little Caesar’s, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s pizza are the categories in which the majority of the members of the public have been benefitting from. The making of the products have been done so effectively thus attracting a large number of customers. The large sized brands have therefore sustained large families hence reducing the costs incurred in purchasing the small products. (Cox, 2018)
However, these different pizza brands should be evaluated as they have a large customer base that can bring success to a large number of businesses which would use the delivery to bring the products close to the customers. For the evaluation of the comparison of brands to be done in an effective manner, research tools such as interview guides and observation forms which have helped in determining the number of people who rely on each of the brands for survival purposes.
The selection of the products by the customers are affected by determinant attributes such as the size, cost, nutritional value and the taste of the product. As far as the size of the product is concerned, the majority of the customers prefer large sized products to the small and the medium sized products. As a result, many of the buyers purchase the large pizzas as they help in satisfying the needs of their families.
When the large pizzas are bought, the customers are likely to save large amounts of money which can be used to carry out different family developments. Again, on matters related to the taste of the products, the selection of the pizzas is influenced by the good taste of the product which explains why more of the buyers are attracted into the business. (Ary, 2018)
When making a decision about the purchase of pizza, features such as large sizes, small sizes and medium sizes are considered as they help in the satisfaction of the customers’ needs. Again, benefits such as the type of nutrients the product will provide to the customer will also affect the decision of the buyers to purchase the products.
The decision of the customers to go for the product is highly determined by the amounts of nutrients in the ingredients. In situations where the person has a balanced diet, more customers will be attracted to it, increasing the number of sales made by the business. This will occur as the product will help in ensuring that the health matters of the customers are safeguarded.
On the other hand, products such as small, medium and large pizzas will be evaluated within each of the brands. These brands will again help in the satisfaction of the consumers’ needs as different tastes will be developed and more customers will be attracted. Based on the individuals’ pizza size preference, we will be able to tell which pizza brand offers the better choice to represent the larger population.
The main objective of the research is determining which tastes are most favorable for a large number of people, the cost of the products, their nutritional value, as well as the size. For the purposes of ensuring that the research is made effective, a large number of the customers in the market are subjected to a questionnaire and an interview process which will enable them to let their complaints well known by the suppliers. As a result, the research will facilitate the resolution of the people’s problems as far as the supply of the products is concerned. (Silverman, 2018)

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