Quantity Surveying-Professional Cost Management.

‘The cost management, in both the pre- and post- contract stages of a project passes through distinct stages of development that are aligned to the RIBA Plan of Work (2013) stages. During each stage, a number of critical stakeholder decisions and processes are undertaken to inform or affect the subsequent stages. This suggests that there is a common set of decisions required, that may change due to the degree of complexity and difficulty that can vary from project to project.’
In the form of an essay, critically appraise the statement above and explain how it applies to the procurement and cost management of:
a. a new distribution warehouse facility (c. 2,000 m2) developed for sale on the open market in a developing country;
(approximate word count 1,400 words)
b. a large public sector building (c. 10,000 m2) in a developed country.
(Approximate word count 2,100 words
Your answer should include:
Reasoned, critical appraisal for the two different types of construction projects in relation to cost management of construction, including a critical appraisal of the tools and techniques in pre- and post-contract risk, value and financial management, including BIM, Soft landings and ethical

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Quantity Surveying-Professional Cost Management.
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