Paper instructions:

  • research 2 ERP risk factors, discuss how collaboration might mitigate them, and propose a strategy to implement them, from the perspective of your team title.

In your discussion you will focus on (numbering is intentional):

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Quantify and Discuss the Risk Factor in Terms of Potential Negative Impact.
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1.     Introduction, this should frame what you will be presenting.

2.     Quantify and discuss the risk factor in terms of potential negative impact (1/least-10/most) and include at least two examples of issues from each risk factor in real life ERP implementations? You will Focus your research by locating current articles  in information technology and/or MIS journals. Concentrate on articles that discuss specific ERP implementations.

3.     When should collaboration (or any other strategy you deem important) be part of the implementation?

4.     Why will collaboration (or any other strategy) be a positive remedy?

5.     How will collaboration (or any other strategy) address the risk(s)?

6.     Conclusion/Summary/Recommendation, this should be a strong restatement of your findings.

Thank you.

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