Purpose: To  investigate & integrate knowledge of advanced nursing practice,  scholarly inquiry, & leadership by examining a policy at the level  of clinical practice, health care systems, or public/social health  policy. Students are to submit a paper between 5-8 pages long excluding  title page and reference pages. Paper must be organized according to the  guidelines below and should include all the identified sections as  required. Paper must be completed in APA format and contain current  scholarly sources dated from 2012 until current. The following may be  selected as topics for this paper:-Food and drug regulation-Abortion clinic access-Planned Parenthood funding-Correctional health-LGBTQ health-Tobacco regulation -Veterans health-Medicaid-Medicare-Prescription drugs-Managed health care-Clean Air act-Clean Water act-NIH reauthorization-Head Start-Healthcare reform ..

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Purpose: To  investigate & integrate knowledge of advanced n
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