Public Health Policy and Leadership of Health Policy


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Public Health Policy and Leadership of Health Policy
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– Public Analysis and Leadership of Health Policy paper

Your public policy class is taught alongside your leadership class. Throughout both courses your instructors ask that you consider linking concepts in Public Policy to Leadership in healthcare and vice versa.

Your instructor Chad will outline a policy analysis paper that is completed throughout his course The first part of your paper is to pick and discuss a health issue in detail. The second part is where after detailed research you come up with your policy idea. We, Chad and I are requiring that the final paper contain evidence of Leadership concepts.

Below we outline how we see you intertwining Leadership concepts within the Public Health policy paper. : I will be grading such paper only once at week 9. I will give you time during week 3 on line synchronous session to work on your paper.

Part 1
o A problem statement

o A background summary of the issue. This background summary should include the historical, social, political, and economic context. Include problems or issues that address current leadership and organizational culture.

o What is the landscape of the policy problem? At what level of policy does it exist (i.e. is it a community or local, county, state, or national policy? or Is it specific to the organization where you work?)? Who are the key stakeholders?

o This part should be 3-5 pages

Part 2
o Address any comments and suggestions from part 1

Discuss what current policies are particularly relevant to your proposal. What is the current state of the issue you are addressing in terms of existing policies? Are there policies and leadership in place now that would change or be altered under your proposal? If so, what are they and why should they be changed? This section should be approximately 2 pages.

Part 3
o Propose at least two different policy alternatives to the issue at hand. In proposing alternatives, you should consider how each possible option relates to the role of various stakeholders, the social, political, and economic context of the problem, and the evidence summarized in the first assignment.

o Make a final recommendation of which alternative is better for the case at hand (including justification using evidence ( and your personal viewpoint).

o Identify expected issues with implementation and suggest potential unintended consequences.

o Identify characteristics a leader will need to assure public will receive policy in a positive and productive manner. Cite specific practical strategies a leader will use to influence targeted population . Include a discussion on leadership theory/style that is best suited for your policy . Speak to how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your policy.

This section should be 2-3 pages. (Your total paper should be 5-8 pages including both parts 1 and 2.)

This paper will be graded in both classes. I grade only the final paper and focus on your leadership additions.

Final written project involves things you have learned , and reference material from your Public Health class: your learning and understanding of introducing a public policy of your choice. You then must provide information and reference outlining how a successful leader would assure the policy is implemented and lead. You must include substantial discussion on the role of leaders in your field in challenging the current policies, as well as creating /and or implementing the new polices you propose. Include actions and behaviors a health care leader would perform to proactively and positively change to assure acceptance of your public policy. Assure you include a discussion about the model of leadership you would implement to assure success of your policy. The paper will graded in both classes. Leadership session should be 2- 3 pages . Your total paper should be 5-8 pages including both parts 1 and 2 from public health class.

Please assure you provide a minimum of 8 references (combined) from your Public Heath class and this class.
Final paper must be at least 5-8 pages with a minimum of 2-3 focused on the role and characteristics of the leader as he/she implements and leads the public policy into acceptance and success. Chad you Public Health instructor and I will have time requirements for specific portions of this paper to be completed. Check updated assignments



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