Provide a 1-paragraph (100-200 word) answer to each question.1. How would the Earth change if there were no ocean covering most of the planet?Could we survive without the atmosphere?Preparation for the Portfolio project.Survey the five journal assignments and summarize how science and technology work together to help societies advance.Discussion of the climate-change lab project part #3. Survey the different features of the campus and predict how you would expect the feature to influence the local temperature. Use the worksheet to organize this activity.Trees, Parking Lots, Sidewalks, Grass, Buildings, PondsWould the temperature be above or below the campus average? Give support for your answer.Discuss how science and technology can lead to damage to our planet.Illustrate your answer using examples from the journal Portfolio projects.How have advances in genetics had both positive and negative impacts on human society? ..

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Provide a 1-paragraph (100-200 word) answer to each questio
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