Aunt Azhar hired you, a Marketing Consultant, to help Ibrahim and Faleh deal with their problems. 1. Identify all the symptoms of the above case. 2. Identify all the problems in the case. 3. Propose 3 alternative solutions to the problems by Environmental, Strategic or Managerial. 4. Which solution you recommend? Why? Case Analysis: Ibrahim Al Marzook and Faleh Al shatter decided to start a business in Kuwait after their graduation with a Music degree from a not well known university in Somalia. They noticed that all people eat, so they decided to open a fancy Somalian restaurant in Khaitan. They called it Marzo- Shater Soma-Kuwaiti Castel. They decided to offer African menu to please the rich Africans working in Kuwait. Since they had no money, they borrowed $100,000 KD from Faleh Aunt Azhar with 20% interest annually. They located the restaurant in a poor neighborhood since the rent was cheap. They had first class African decorations with live animals to great customers at the restaurant entrance; monkeys, snakes, and a baby tiger. Loud Jungle music was used with 2 African dancers. The food was unique and included monkey steak, fried snakes, monkey brain soap, snail salad, and spicy seaweed special. The owners felt that this unique menu will attract both Africans and adventurous Kuwaitis. They had 25 tables in the restaurant. Each table seats up to 6 customers. Also they had tables outside the restaurant in case of overcrowding. They hired 3 Indian cooks, and 8 Philippine waitresses. There monthly salary was 50 KD for Cooks and 70 KD for waitresses. The restaurant opens Sunday to Thursday 8-11 AM and 4-6 PM. Closed Saturdays and Sundays. The owners/managers wanted to enjoy their evenings and weekends. The Entrée prices range from 12-18 KD per item. All items in the menu are Ala Carte. Drinks start with 4 KD for African water. Crocodile cocktail is 6 KD. To assure tips, they added 20% service charge. They advertised for the restaurant in all major Kuwaiti newspapers and TVs. They imported the food and spices from Africa at premium prices, especially Monkey steaks. The restaurant was fined 10,000 KD by the Government for importing illegal meats, snakes and brains. Another 5,000 KD for keeping monkeys and poisonous snakes and a wild tiger in the restaurants. The 3 Indian cooks were deported due to lack of residency permits. The restaurant had only 10 customers, mostly relatives, during the first Month of operation, and lost 30,000 KD during that month. Two customers who were taken to the hospital emergency room, took the restaurant to court for compensation. The Somalian Embassy filed a complaint with the Kuwait Foreign ministry due to the bad image of Somalia this restaurant is generating. BBC News interviewed the owners of the restaurant and filed a very negative coverage of the restaurant menu. The Government issues a warning to the restaurant owners. Either to correct their mistakes within 30 days, or the Government with shut it down. Ibrahim and Faleh blamed each other for the restaurant failures and stopped talking to each other.
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Propose the Alternative Solutions to the Problems by Environmental, Strategic or Managerial.
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