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Problem 1: (Production Planning) [15 points] Saj and Shaurma, Co. is a food processing plant which manufactures shaurma sandwiches and saj bread. They grind their own flour for the bread at a maximum rate of 60kg per week. Each saj bread requires 45 grams of flour. They currently have a contract with Sheapland, Inc., which specifies that a delivery of 250kg pounds of lamb meat is delivered every Monday. Each shaurma sandwich requires one saj bread and 220 grams of lamb meat. All the other necessary ingredients are in plentiful supply. Finally, the labor force at Saj and Shaurma, Co. consists of 6 employees working full time (45 hours per week each). Each saj bread requires 3 minutes of labor, and each shaurma sandwich requires 2 minutes of labor, (with the saj bread made before). Each shaurma sandwich yields a profit of 12AED, and each saj bread (sold separately) yields a profit of 2AED. Saj and Shaurma, Co. would like to know how many shaurma sandwiches and how many saj breads they should produce each week so as to achieve the highest possible profit. (a) (5 points) Specify the decision variables: (b) (5 points) Write down the objective function: (c) (5 points) Write down the constraints:

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Production Planning
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