Discussion 1
Describe  situation when you compared three samples. For example, you may have said that you are pretty sure that it rains the same amount in every quarter during the year.
Discussion 2

Respond to student posts
Katelyn post
Recently I’ve compared samples of home security systems.  I currently have a system (Guardian), this system came with my house when I bought it 2 years ago.  When I signed up I got a great deal for signing up, well so I thought.  With today’s technology my husband and I thought we should look into a newer more updated system.  One with touchscreen, color, camera, phone app.  I received a flyer in the mail to switch to ADT and receive free updated equipment with a discounted monthly rate.  Once I called I was told the monthly cost would be about $20 more a month as well as a $99 installation fee (that’s how they get you).  That’s when I made the chart below.  I ultimately found that while switching providers for the first month would be more expensive.  The ongoing monthly charge would offset that and I’d actually be saving money in the long run.
Brittany post
This past friday I decided to take my 4 year old son to see the new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie since he has been patiently waiting for it to come out. When I went to purchase tickets I found that I had 3 different ways to view the movie. Standard movie for $8.50 for my son, 3-D  for $12.00 and 3-D IMAX for $14.50. When making the decision I factored into it that 1, my son had never been to the movie theater before so I was unsure if he would even sit through the whole movie 2, if he would wear the glasses needed to watch it in 3-D and 3, would the IMAX version be to over whelming for him with his auditory sensory processing disorder. I opted for just watching the standard movie which was a success. He sat through the whole movie and was not scared or over stimulated. He had a blast.

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