Primary Source Paper: Information LiteracyRequirements:Please write a 1 to 1.5 page, single-spaced (in Word using 1′ margins) on the following assignment:For this paper students need to utilizing THREE primary sources found in in the textbook. You can use primary documents (documents written at the time in question) from chapter sections “ can also use documents found in ‘America in Global Context’ ‘Thinking Like a Historian,’ and ‘Analyzing Voices’ found within each chapter. Use three sources to answer the question:Question: How do these sources/accounts give us a different picture of life and events from a certain era of American history than the basic factual information found in the textbook chapter written by the authors?To help guide your response tell us how these first-hand accounts give us a deeper understanding of an event or time period than was found in the textbook. Papers must make clear what sources are being used, including when you are discussing the textbook chapter (s). They MUST use the following citation format. Note that we are using a “short title” format for source titles:European monarchs used glowing published reports to promote colonization…….. (Hariot, “A Brief and True Report,” Ch.1)The first great awakening unleashed a torrent of writings in support of new colleges….(Tennent, “Danger of an Unconverted Ministry,” Ch. 4)The American Revolution unleashed forces promoting equality….(Hall, “Petition for Freedom,” Ch. 6) ..

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Primary Source Paper: Information LiteracyRequirements:Plea
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