Engagement surveys are commonly used across many industries to provide business insight in multiple areas of the employee experience. These surveys are typically anonymous, in an effort to increase the survey response rate and to encourage honest employee feedback. Whether an organization decides to distribute an in-house engagement survey, or an external provider administers a survey, the organization determines the areas of focus for each survey questions. As an HR Talent Manager preparing for an employee engagement survey, what areas of talent management would you choose to include? For each area of talent management selected, what data would you seek to gather in the survey responses? How would this data be used for business analytics purposes? Which employee demographical questions would you choose to include and why? How often would you ideally repeat this survey? Do you foresee any challenges in data collection/analytics?

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Preparing for an employee engagement survey
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Length and Quality: 20.0 pts Reflection is at more than 3 pages long and there is a strong application of acquired knowledge in the reflection (ex. referring to both content learned in the course and knowledge/experience acquired outside of the course).

Format: 10.0 pts Appropriate use of Reflection format (ex: including a cover page, abstract and conclusion)

APA Style of References, Spelling, and Grammar: 10.0 pts Clear evidence of APA style format. Proper spelling and grammar.

Timeliness: 10.0 pts Reflection submitted on time


Total Points: 50

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