Prepare a 15 page research paper on Christian Leadership applications of Redemption.
How does the doctrine relate to (form and inform) leadership? What can we learn about leadership from the doctrine?
The more specific you can be, the better the paper will be.
You need to make sure the thesis statement is tied to implications for leadership. Your current proposed thesis is more of a theological statement, and lacks the understanding of the doctrine as applied to leadership. The point of the paper is to be able to explain a doctrine, and then to be able to apply that understanding of the doctrine to leadership.
As you build out our bibliography for the paper, keep in mind three specific categories of resources. 1) Theological reference material (which should be more than just encyclopedic material), 2) academic commentaries (to provide an in-depth analysis of the text), and 3) leadership material (to assist with the application of the doctrine).

Fill out the prompts that are left on this paper named Mireles, Stephanie, planning commentary. Using the information I have provided on it. DO NOT write directly on it, answer the prompts on a separate page. It is not actually a paper, it is the rest of an informational portfolio that I have to turn in by the 15 of this month.
The prompts that are left are part 3, c and d. Part 4, a and b. Lastly, part 5 prompts a and b.

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Prepare a 15 page research paper on Christian Leadership applications of Redemption.
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The information asked on the prompts are repetitive, so you will be able to find the information within the same paper. I will provide other supporting information to help you finish off the paper.

Some background information: The student I’m working with is a 10th-grade girl who I referred to as VP or focus learner through the paper. The Student has a speech and language disability. The research I use to support my teaching strategies are the gradual release of responsibility and annotating in math. I will link the websites where you can find the research.

PLEASE let me know ASAP if you need anything. My career basically depends on it.

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