Polypharmacy is a frequent and serious health concern that affects individuals, and sometimes leads to fatal outcomes.I. Identify common risk factors for polypharmacy and Explain the reason why each listed item is a risk factor.II. In your current clinical practice as a Registered nurse, what interventions have you observed to be most effective to prevent polypharmacy?III. As a nurse practitioner discuss two to three interventions you can take  in your clinical practice to prevent polypharmacy and its complications.Please answer each question by separate. The initial post should be a minimum of 3 paragraphs,  using at least 2 references.  Each paragraph should be supported with evidenced based peer reviewed references.  APA 6th ed is the format adopted by the university.  Citing your paragraphs is a Must. In addition all listed references must be cited. ..

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Polypharmacy is a frequent and serious health concern that affect
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