The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) defines health equity as a society in which everyone has an equal opportunity to live the healthiest life possible. In the evolving role of the nurse, the advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) and the nurse leader have the evidence and expertise to inform policies to assure better health and fair distribution. Nurse Practice Acts (NPAs) lend nurses the authority to answer the needs of a changing society through scope and standards of professional service. APRNs and nurse leaders must enter policy discussions with policy makers, experienced lobbyists, and keep civil society informed on important health issues.

Write an APA-format paper answering questions 1 through 5 at the end of Chapter 2 in your Nickitas, Middaugh, and Feeg (2020) text. I WILL UPLOAD THE QUESTIONS 1-5 OF CHAPTER 2

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Politics, Policy, and Health Care
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1-Identifies limits of the healthcare market
2-Addresses federalist system of government to fragmented health care delivery
3-Identifies political nature of policy alternatives
4-Addresses primary care provider dominance to corporate interests
5-Identifies greater stature of nurses and other healthcare professionals in health policy



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