Please be advised that classmate responses will be added later in the week!!! 
Please use worksheet provided!!
Using the Module Six Discussion Worksheet, outline the pros and cons of two marketing techniques you may use to market your selected product or service. The marketing techniques should support the mission and vision of the organization, and brand identity of the product or service. Your selection should be based on the fundamental marketing principles you have explored throughout the course.
Note: You must include at least one traditional marketing technique (e.g., public relations, advertising, sales and sales promotion, direct marketing) and one electronic/social media technique (e.g., social media, websites, blogs, podcasts/webcasts, YouTube).
For your initial discussion, post your worksheet for review by your peers.
In your response posts, review your peers’ work and provide suggestions that will help them refine their marketing strategies before submitting their final proposal. Review the Marketing Strategies section of the final project and refer your peers to specific critical elements that you are using as a basis for your feedback. ..

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Please be advised that classmate responses will be added later in
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